IFS Steel & Industry
Engineering, steel constructions and components. »
IFS Alu & Scaffolding
Aluminium products and scaffolding, extrusions or castings. »
IFS Consumer Products
Supplying household articles, electronics or components for such products. »

IFS Consumer Products and Moulding Product examples

Some of the products we realise for our customers

  • Aluminium products
  • Plastics products and moulding
  • Stainless Steel + Steel products
  • Cooking Glass products
  • Electronic products, touch-screens
  • Electronic components,
  • PCB’s, Cabling etc.
  • Hair products, irons, steam mob cleaners
  • Coffee Machines + Components + Capsel
  • Boilers and pumps, dusk vacuum cleaners
  • Water-cookers, glass work, china
  • Toasters/bakery products
  • Components, Assembly or sub-assemblies related to above mentioned