Inventory Management & transport
We can also assist you with all of the secondary conditions with regard to import and export. »
Outsourcing & Procurement
We can manufacture your product in-house in most cases... »
Support Engineering
We offer support engineering when the product has not yet been fully developed. »
Quality control and certification
Focus on customers, safety and environmental care are our highest priorities. »
Own production plant in Asia
We offer high quality own production and/or assemblage of products in aluminium, steel, plastic, lighting, consumer products... »
Sale controls & Reports
In Interflexible Solutions, you have a partner that goes further than just executing QC and providing a report. »

Outsourcing & Procurement

engineeringWe can manufacture your product in-house in most cases.

Should this not be possible, through our specialist knowledge of the local market, we are frequently able to propose appropriate suppliers. In this way, the extremely short supply chains of the Chinese industry can be fully exploited.